Who is Choudry Arif

I am Choudry Arif, a Concept Developer / Graphic Designer from Pakistan. Student of Bachelors in Computer Arts and working as graphic designer.

I am a multi-talented person with hard work and passion as key features and huge interest in computer hardware and software. Have experience in advertising design as well as knowledge of Branding and marketing and features involved in advertising.

Love to help others and want to learn and teach more and more day by day. As learning and teaching is the first teaching of Islam.

  • 2 times Scholarships (Bachelors in Computer Arts)
  • 3/3 Semester of A grades in 3d Modeling with 93, 93 & 86 marks
  • Brand Design of College of Media & Arts (Concept, Posters, Wall wraps, Prospectus, Brochure, Web Design and Maintenance) see here: LINK
  • Successful presentations & advertisements for clients.
  • Design and application of TIM TAM chocolate advertising in Pakistan (local magazines) and designs for stall and banners in Dubai Food Festival
  • Only A grade achiever in final year Project 90/100

Where on web?





Deviantart portfolio:








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